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For Your Accessibility Needs


Parking Accessibility:

  • Accessible parking spaces are provided
  • Accessible parking spaces are 10 wide
  • Accessible parking spaces have a 5’ wide access aisle
  • Accessible parking spaces have parking signage designating the spaces as accessible
  • Accessible parking spaces are on an accessible route to the building and facilities
  • Accessible parking spaces described otherwise above complwith the ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)
  • There are accessible parking spaces in the parking garage. There is 6’3” of clearance into the garage

Accessibility of Public Routes:

  • Accessible route from the accessible parking and entrance to the building

  • Accessible route from the accessible parking and entrance to the other facilities and amenities

  • Accessible routes described above otherwise comply with the ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)

  • Elevators provide accessible controls

  • Elevators provide Braille

  • Elevators provide audible signals and alarms

  • Elevators described above otherwise comply with the ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)

Entrance Accessibility:

  • Entrance (main public entrance) is at least 32” wide
  • Entrance (main public entrance) is level (no steps)
  • Entrance (main public entrance) does not have inaccessible hardware/ handle
  • Entrances are accessible (at least 50% of all entrances are accessible)
  • Accessible entrances described above otherwise comply with the ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)

Lobby Accessibility:

  • Lobby has an accessible seating area
  • Lobby has lowered registration table that is 30” high
  • Lobby has maneuvering clearance, clear floor space and turning space for wheelchair
  • Lobby restroom maneuvering clearance, clear floor space and turning space for wheelchair

Common Area Restrooms:

  • Restroom door has a round door handle
  • Restroom has clear floor space, turning space and maneuvering space for a wheelchair, but not at all fixtures
  • Restroom lavatory has a cabinet underneath the lavatory
  • Restroom water closet does not provide accessible grab bars
  • Restroom water closet is not accessible.
  • Restroom complies with the ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)

Guestroom Accessibility:

  • The guest rooms are not accessible. This is a residential facility that does rent guestrooms, but is not a hotel, and therefore does not provide the accessibility features of a hotel.
  • Guestroom types are deluxe king room and standard room
  • Guestroom bathing facilities are showers (not roll in showers), tubs (portable tub seat will be provided on request))
  • Guestroom beds are King sized and 2 twin beds
  • Guestrooms have an accessible entrance (no steps at the door)
  • Guestroom with accessible entrance (32” door width provided)
  • Guestroom with accessible entrance (round door handle provided)
  • Guestroom with maneuvering clearance, clear floor space and turning space for wheelchair
  • Guestroom restroom with lavatory with accessible faucet controls
  • Guestroom restroom with lavatory with a cabinet underneath lavatory
  • Guestroom restroom with water closet/ toiletand grab bars for shower and tub
  • Guestroom with closed captioning on televisions or closed captioning decoders
  • Accessible guestroom described above complies with ADA to the extent readily achievable (please call with any specific questions)

General Accessibility of Areas, Facilities, and Amenities:

  • Public areas/ facilities accessible for persons with disabilities, to the extent readily achievable
  • Service animals welcome (consistent with ADA)
  • Swimming pool with ADA pool lift
  • TTY for guest use
  • Visual alarm for hearing impaired in public areas, lobby, hallways, and guestrooms

The Oceanside 99 was originally constructed in 1982 as a residential facility. As a residential facility, the building and its common areas and guestrooms were not subject to the ADA and its accessibility requirements. In fact, the ADA was only implemented in the early 1990s and only applied to public accommodations, not residential facilities, like condominiums. Therefore, Oceanside 99 is not fully accessible to individuals with disabilitiesWe have attempted to identify and describe features at the Oceanside 99 and its guestrooms in enough detail to reasonably permit individuals with disabilities to assess independently whether the Oceanside 99 meets their own accessibility needsWe have also posted pictures on the website that can also be used as a reference for accessibility. However, we cannot possibly list each and every feature of every room, amenity, space, or element applicable under the ADA. We are also aware that individuals with disabilities are not all the same and may require different or unique accessibility features to accommodate themWe encourage dialogue with our guests and persons interested in being guests and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have. Please contact our General Manager directly with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have:

Sue O’Connor

99 South Atlantic Avenue

Ormond Beach, Florida 32176

Telephone: (386) 673-0234


Facsimile: (386) 615-8382